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Ventura RV and Boat Storage

Do you need easy access to your boat or RV in Ventura? California Classic Storage is located minutes from major highways and thoroughfares, making it convenient to get your vehicle and get out on the road. With a variety of storage options and facility features, California Classic Storage is the ideal home for your boat or RV.

California Classic Storage


11299 Nardo Street Ventura, CA 93004

Indoor RV & Boat

Save money and retain the value of your investment by storing indoors and out of the elements. Our indoor storage facility can accommodate any size RV, trailer, or boat with spaces ranging from 20 to 45 feet in length.

Features & Services

  • 65,000 square foot indoor storage facility
  • Concrete floors
  • Valet service
  • 24 hour secured staging areas for convenient pick-up and delivery
  • Video recording system
  • Fire sprinklers
  • RV dump station
Boat and RV storage at California Classic Storage in Ventura
RV and boat storage at California Classic Storage in Ventura

Outdoor RV & Boat

Our outdoor storage areas can accommodate any size RV, trailer, boat or automobile with spaces ranging from 20 to 45 feet in length. Customers have direct access 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our convenient 24-hour staging areas are also available to our outdoor storage customers.

Features & Services

  • 40,000 square foot outdoor storage area
  • Asphalt and compacted base surfaces
  • Video recording system
  • Security lighting
  • RV dump station

Benefits of Indoor Auto Storage

  • Protection from sun and weather
  • Protection from paint oxidation
  • Protects tires from Sun Damage
  • Prevents rain water build-up
  • Protection from wheel rust
  • Extends time between detailing
  • Extends rubber roof life & reduces required maintenance
  • Prevents water and chemical spotting
California Classic Storage offers indoor auto storage in Ventura
  • Prevents intrusion of rodents, birds and insects
  • Keeps vandals away from your vehicle
  • Helps retain your resale value

Indoor Auto Storage Features & Services

  • Valet service
  • 24-hour staging area

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